Thursday, May 5

Gay Gnomes Cross Stitch Pattern

Friday, February 12

Legend of Zelda - Good Things Cross Stitch Pattern

So far I have completed FOUR Zelda games and am currently working my way through Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time. I absolutely love the combination of adventure, treasure seeking, puzzles, and fighting. Seriously, go play it! You are never too old to play Zelda :)

If you love Zelda just as much as I do (or you know someone else who does), check out my newly created pattern! Though I'd love to say I came up with such a cute design, I found this quote on Pintrest. I couldn't resist turning it into a pattern once I saw it!

Wednesday, February 10

PopSugar 2016 Reading Challenge Suggestions

This will be my second year participating in Pop Sugar's reading challenge. I didn't exactly finish every book in 2015 so I'm pushing hard to finish the list this year. You can find a printable checklist of the reading challenge here. Honestly, I found that the hardest part was finding something interesting to read for each challenge. So to make life just a tad easier for everyone, I've decided to devote an exorbitant amount of time coming up with book suggestions. I have provided ten suggestions per challenge, but obviously some challenges require you to do some leg work (i.e. the first book you see in a bookstore). Also, I included a link to each book's GoodReads page. So here goes...