Friday, February 12

Legend of Zelda - Good Things Cross Stitch Pattern

So far I have completed FOUR Zelda games and am currently working my way through Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time. I absolutely love the combination of adventure, treasure seeking, puzzles, and fighting. Seriously, go play it! You are never too old to play Zelda :)

If you love Zelda just as much as I do (or you know someone else who does), check out my newly created pattern! Though I'd love to say I came up with such a cute design, I found this quote on Pintrest. I couldn't resist turning it into a pattern once I saw it!

Download the free pattern here.
 - On 14 Count Aida - 167 stitches by 177 stitches (11.9 inches by 12.6 inches)
 - On 18 Count Aida - 167 stitches by 177 stitches (9.3 inches by 9.8 inches)

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If someone you know is interested in this pattern, please send them directly to my site to download. Thanks!

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  1. That is so cool! I just found your blog. Are you looking forward to the new Zelda game?